Mutts Gone Nuts

muttsgonenuts | @MuttsGoneNuts

Those hyper, wiry-furred, mixed-breed canines perform a zany blend of tricks, comedy, and unabashed doggie cuteness! Comedy duo Jessie and James have been bringing their unique blend of physical comedy and circus arts to audiences from Las Vegas to Tokyo since 1985. In 2005, they expanded their cast and adopted all six of their amazing canine comedy partners from shelters. Spreading the message of animal rescue, this top-notch act includes: stunt dogs, dancing dogs, trick dogs, a world class frisbee dog, and even talking dogs! Mutts Gone Nuts unleashes havoc and hilarity as veteran entertainers Jessie and James attempt to match wits with their hilarious pack of pooches in a comedy dog thrill show that leaves audiences howling for more.